Performs monitoring functions originally done by separate discrete relays, commands, interlocking hardware and a thermostat. Plus an optional Wi-Fi® MAP device enables monitoring, commissioning and troubleshooting with a smartphone, tablet or PC. Watch the video to see how maximizing the performance of TempMaster® 3-40 ton rooftop HVAC systems is now easier than ever.

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Smart Equipment™ For two- or four-stage independent control on all multiple refrigeration circuited models with lead-lag capabilities. For 3- to 40-ton single package rooftop units and 7.5- to 50-ton split systems. Order factory-configured boards with optional controllers for Novar, CPC, Honeywell and more for gas/electric, electric/electric and heat pump packaged units and commercial split systems without additional defrost, reheat or other control boards. -
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Commercial Comfort System (CCS) Supports advanced Direct Digital Control (DDC) for compatible actuators, sensors and damper assemblies. Provides reliable zoning control of standard rooftop units. Controllers provide standalone functionality. Designed specifically for commercial systems using an innovative color touch-screen interface. Enables flexible installation and reliable communication. -